Rallye Trompes des Vosges


Composition, musicality and emotion could be the key words to describe the hunting horn group: the Rallye Trompes des Vosges.

Its founder, René Heinrich, would be proud to contemplate all the work achieved since its creation in 1957 in Fellering, a small village nested at the foot of the Vosges Mountains.  The descendants of this Alsatian, in particular six brothers, distinguished themselves in the 1970s by creating and interpreting original musical work.

This family nucleus - completed by two grand-sons and talented friends coming from all over France, Belgium and Switzerland - has become a reference in hunting horn music over the past decades.



The Rallye Trompes des Vosges performed all over France, in the United States, in Canada and also in Great Britain where they had the opportunity to collaborate with the horn player Hermann Baumann. Each performance of the Rallye Trompes des Vosges aims at giving all its musicality to the hunting horn. History will remember the distinguished role of the group in the evolution of the expressions of the musical instrument and its progressive association with other musical concepts such as the hunting horn and the organ, the hunting horn and chamber orchestra or the hunting horn and mixed  choir.

Christiane Pages is  an organist, trained at the music academy of Versailles where she now teaches. Rewarded with the highest distinctions for the piano and organ, she performed on the most famous organs in France.

In the early 1980s the association of  the hunting horn with the organ became an artistic reality when Christine Pages met the Rallye Trompes des Vosges. This combination still continues today during the Rallye Trompes des Vosges’s concerts.

Recordings immortalise the musical evolution of the group, in particular with the interpretations of the compositions of one of the six brothers, Hubert : from the“Messe de Saint Hubert” (1970) to the “Suites pour Musique de chasse” (1989), one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written for the hunting horn in D.

More recently, “Musique en Héritage” marks the musical transition towards the new generation of the Rallye Trompes des Vosges. This album is made of pieces from Hubert Heinrich honouring great men such as the French academician Maurice Druon. “l'Echo à l'Empereur” can also be heard, a piece that was created under the dome of the Invalides in Paris in September 2013 in the memory of Napoléon. In continuity with the initial spirit, the Rallye Trompes des Vosges today gathers talented and complementary players under the direction of Christian Conte, a member of the group since the 90s, an international soloist, a composer and an outstanding musician.

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At each of their concert, The Rallye Trompes des Vosges offers the public the opportunity to appreciate the vibrations and emotions generated by the brass of the hunting horn in D, as well as the power and the musicality of the organ. Each person in the audience can choose to follow the dynamics of the “Forte”, the softness of the “Radoucis” or to travel with the main melody of the “Basses” and be surprised by their arpeggio. One can only be striken and enthusiastic when the hunting horn blends with the organ for a piece of music.


At the instigation of the Fondation pour le Rayonnement de la Trompe Musicale (foundation for the influence of the musical hunting horn) and under the aegis of the Fondation de France (Foundation of France), the Rallye Trompes des Vosges is regularly associated with prestigious musical events: mass of Saint Hubert for hunting horns, mixed choir and organ at Notre-Dame-de-Paris, masses and concerts  in the cathedral of Saint-Louis des Invalides and under the dome of the Invalides… 


The Rallye Trompes des Vosges interprets in particular the musical pieces of Hubert HEINRICH, Christian CONTE, Jean-Joseph MOURET, Etienne Nicolas MEHUL, Michel CORRETTE, Gustave ROCHARD and also Franz SCHUBERT, Michel Richard DELALANDE, Georg Philip TELEMANN, Joseph HAYDN, Jean-Baptiste LULLY, Carl Maria Von WEBER, TYNDARE GRUYER...